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Sonar - Demographic Profiling
How well do you know your customers?
Built by RedMoran, Sonar classifies households and their residents according to the type of neighbourhood in which they live. Every postcode in Great Britain is allocated to one of 80 unique neighbourhood types.

The information used to produce the Sonar classification includes:
a) 2001 Census data
b) Unique postcode classifications of wealth and consumer activity
c) Land Registry House Price information

The objectives of Sonar are to provide a powerful and unique tool for consumer segmentation and local market planning which is highly effective at identifying target audiences you want to reach in a simple and easily understood way.

Why pay a premium?
With no 'corporate' overheads, restrictive legacy systems or vested Client interests to interfere in its development, Sonar provides a template for superior profiling, targeting and segmentation in an increasingly one-to-one world.

Like the market leaders, it contains clever consumer spending and activity indicators. Like them, it shines in many different environments - from CRM to list selection. But unlike these supertanker products, you don't have to pay a premium for privileged information.

Think of it as the new kid on the marketing intelligence block. Fresh. Savvy. Streetwise. Accountable.